Sunday, December 11, 2011

President Obama on 60 Minutes

Watching President Obama go head-to-head with Steve Croft on 60 Minutes was a thing of beauty to behold. Croft threw everything at him that we tend to hear as critiques. The President calmly and cooly addressed every one.

I have to admit that sometimes when I write here I'm giving my best interpretation of President Obama's thinking and mindset. It was wonderfully uplifting to hear him taking this stuff on himself.


  1. Mo'nin', Ms. Pants

    And, I'll add, you do SUCH a good job with the interpretation. At any point, it is VERY much needed analysis. Re: the topic....

    So, I called a very good friend of mine to discuss a stand alone matter and I couldn't even get passed: "Hello" when he asked me: "Did you see 60 Minutes"? Now, the deal with my man is that he's a white right winger. And, he says: "The President was GREAT!" "He answered EVERY question SO well". And, I was like:"Yes, he did. And, not only that, he tends to do that rather frequently. Been tellin' you to turn FOX OFF and actually listen to the man himself". Said, goin' forward he would do exACTly that. He cannot STAND ANY of what his Party has to offer.

    VERY interesting times that we are witnessing. As you know, Booman believes that there will be a brokered Republican Convention.

    With the exception of the comPLETEly unexpected (which can happen), I don't think even that would make much of a difference.

  2. Mornin' Blackman

    I LOVE hearing stories like that. Thank you!