DOJ Watch

For a while now I have been focusing on documenting the accomplishments of Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice - especially the Civil Rights Division.

That's partly because no other federal department was more distorted and dismantled than this one during the Bush years. Mr. Holder had a huge job walking into that mess and I've been more than a little impressed with how he's performed.

In addition, some critics of the Obama administration try to say that he's not done enough for the African American community. These stories put a lie to that critique.

This page will serve to document that ongoing story.

Why I'll have Attorney General Eric Holder's back

DOJ takes on police brutality

Salon notes DOJ's focus on investigating police brutality

Fair Sentencing Act

In shift, DOJ's Civil Rights Division is hiring lawyers with civil rights backgrounds

Holder orders new episodes of "The Wire"

More good news - Fair Sentencing Act applied retroactively

DOJ going after "reverse redlining"

DOJ investigates LA Sheriff for profiling

DOJ steps up to protect women's reproductive health rights

When the right wing gets the story the left missed

"A Nation of cowards"

A few stories I found interesting today

DOJ Update

Who will have Attorney General Holder's back?

U.S. Justice Department seeks injunction against S.C. immigration law

DOJ settles with BoA on foreclosure fraud with military families: Baggers of fire complain

Holder takes on voting laws and other DOJ news


Voter ID Laws: Why South Carolina is different from Wisconsin

It's not about civil liberties - it's about endless war!

Looking a bit deeper into the DOJ/AP story

My prediction: Eric Holder isn't going anywhere

From krebscycle: That hopey changey thing at the Department of Justice

Why I still have AG Holder's back

"Obama has done more for [Native American] tribes than the last five presidents combined"

From utaustinliberal: Attorney General Eric Holder: Champion of the People


  1. Cohen over at is full of BS! I invited him to find a bridge and jump! God I wish we could put arrogant assh*oles like him in a position like AG & see what they would do with several southern senators determined to destroy you.

  2. He's also done a heck of lot for Hispanics

  3. Thanks for this. I really like Holder, so I appreciate this info.