Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Worthy Cause

Winter Rabbit, who writes beautifully around the blogs about Native American issues, has asked us to come together to help a very worthy cause. Its the Pretty Bird Woman House on the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota.

PBWH is a shelter that provides safe refuge for women who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. It is the only such shelter on the Standing Rock Reservation. Unfortunately, they have been the victim of vandalism to the point that the house was uninhabitable and they've had to divert women needing safety to shelters on other reservations.

They are trying to raise $70,000 to purchase a new building and you can help by making whatever large or small donation you can here. Surely we can help our sisters do this!!

Amnesty International has highlighted the need to help this program as part of their campaign to "Stop Violence Against Women."

Artwork from Tigana.


  1. Lovely post, thanks so much for being part of the team.

    I also love that you picked up Tigana's art. It's really great

  2. It is my pleasure betsy!!

    I don't get many visitors. I'm just hoping that every little bit of work we do to get this story out there helps.

    And, thanks for the reminder about the artwork. I had meant to put up a note recognizing it as Tigana's and forgot to do that in my rush this morning. I'll take care of that right now.

  3. and you even updated it. I didn't notice she was still working on it until tonight.

    I'm going to put a link to this diary over in the pbwh blog.