Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A simple act


Today we learned that President Obama will cut his visit to El Salvador short by a few hours. We know that there are weighty problems that the President is called on to address. But I'm so grateful that he still took the time to visit the tomb of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

The importance of this simple act cannot be overstated. The United States - under both Republican and Democratic Presidents - supplied arms to the junta that is responsible for the assassination of Archbishop Romero...a man of peace who gave his life fighting for the poor and oppressed of El Salvador.

Thank you President Obama. And may this simple act be one that expresses our hope for healing and forgiveness from the people of El Salvador.


  1. I could tell from your comments earlier and your question at TOD that this visit meant a lot to you, so I am glad he was able to make it.

  2. Yes VC, there are some personal family reasons for why this is so important to me that I'm not comfortable writing about.

    Thanks for noticing.