Sunday, July 31, 2011

All that's missing is the black face

OK, I'm 100% disgusted. This morning, we find this cartoon featured on the front page of Daily Kos. No, I'll not copy it here because its racist trash. And the link goes to my photobucket page where I've copied the cartoon rather than to Daily Kos so you don't have to give racist trash a click.

Do we have to explain to progressives these days WHY something like that is racist trash? It truly boggles the mind. But I guess so.

I don't simply hold the cartoonist responsible though. This is the natural result of months and years of belittling and disrespecting the first African American in the White House. And no, that's not the same thing as critiquing his policies. That would be politics. This is racism.

Nuff said.


  1. Yep, to the poutragers President Obama is Stepin Fetchit because he isn't the stereotype they wanted--Mr. T, or Thuggie Shoot 'em-up. Their two-dimensional vision of Blacks IS their racism.

    President Obama who was elected by a MAJORITY of the voters of the ENTIRE country is supposed to put his reelection chances on the line in lieu of them doing their jobs in a timely and competent fashion. See Marianna76 on Credit Where Credit Is Due at DailyKos.

    President Obama has been prescient in his warnings that the Congress get legislation done while they still had a chance before the voters let the dogs out.

    Now, let's see what's that other stereotype--Uncle Tom, as in, "I'll save you, Massa!"

    What Alex Knapp says in his post The Debt Ceiling and the Imperial Presidency (on Outside the Beltway) has led to the Extortion Politics that Benen highlights in his latest at Washington Monthly.

    Sorry, I don't know how to link. I love your site and your insight. Forgive confused prattling. I don't always remember that I have the right to remain silent.

  2. Please continue "prattling." I can find the links - google is my friend. LOL

    I waded through the comments on this cartoon for a while - until I had to stop or hit something. "Stepin Fetchit" was the accepted meme that was both verbalized and endorsed by most folks on the thread. Un-fucking-believable!

  3. I stopped going to Daily Kos a long time ago. The healthcare debates did it for me. I washed my hands!

  4. This is probably my final straw with DKOS..I actually got nauseous seeing that the majority of commenters were just fine with this piece of racist shit.(pardon my language by I'm too mad to not swear.)

  5. No pardon needed scribe. This kind of thing deserves that kind of language as far as I'm concerned.

    I was stunned when I saw that. But then, as I said above, its nothing more than the culmination of months of the same in picture form.

  6. I see their need to stoop to such racist behavior as an expression of their fear of him. Having to acknowledge his brilliant cool intellect is really horrfying for them. They never imagined such a Black man as this existed in the world. One that will not be brought down to their level no matter what they do to him.

    It is the easily swayable under-educated American voter that concern me. They are so available to believe the lies, spin and distortions fed to them by media, Koch, Armey and Rove ads.

    As a PBO supporter forever I am not able to imagine an event that would shake my confidence in him. I am with Michelle "you under-estimate Barack at your peril".

  7. There's been a serious undercurrent of racism there for a long time, and for them, denial is not a river in Egypt. Everything they say basically tells me that they never bothered to pay attention during the election, and now they're busily pouting because he's not what they thought a "black President" would be. I, on the other hand, see that I'm getting the man I voted for.

  8. I just closed my account there. (I hadn't seen the cartoon.)

  9. Rhoda

    They're loosing more than they know.

  10. Their heart is revealed. As Mia Angelo quoted...when someone shows you who they are believe them!

  11. Wow. That cartoon just makes me really sad.

  12. I reported it as inappropriately racist.
    I hope others do too.

  13. The cartoon of Obama dressed as an elephant seemed to me to be standard political satire; I could detect no reference to his ethnicity. I read the explanation of white privilege on the other link--very powerful.

    Qusetion: If we have to respect everything Obama does because he triumphed over the obstacles our society places in the way of minorities, do we similarly have to respect everything Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, or Herman Cain do? Or are cartoons satirizing them in their professional capacities also racist?

  14. I'm afraid you will need to point out how that cartoon is so racist that it causes 100% disgust. It appears to show our President dancing to the tune of the Teabaggers. When will he stop and realize that there will be no meeting in the middle? That is what I see. What the heck are you seeing? It's not a bloody minstrel show is it?