Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ha-ha: Gallup chief puzzled by Obama's approval numbers

This is just too amusing on so many levels:

Compared with other recent presidents, President Obama's approval numbers are "overperforming," given the struggling economy and Americans' low levels of satisfaction with the direction of the country, says Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup Poll...

"Looking at history, particularly Clinton and Reagan, it is somewhat surprising that [Obama] has never yet fallen into the 30 percent range in our approval rating," Newport said. "And yet both Reagan and Clinton, in their first terms when the economy was perceived as bad ... both fell into the 30s."

Newport noted, "Satisfaction with the way things are going is ... correlated with economic perceptions fairly strongly." At the same time, Obama "is overperforming. Based on where every president has been, his approval rating now is higher than we would predict it to be based on" how satisfied American adults say they are...

Gallup, he added, will be conducting research to get a more definitive answer to the question.

Perhaps some of us in the pragmatic progressive blogosphere could help you with that Frank. Could it be that a lot of people recognize that we have an over-performing President and an under-performing Congress? Could it be that some folks see who is "the only adult in the room?" Could it be because the opposition party that finally gained control of the House hasn't passed one jobs bill since getting elected - while the President goes all over the country doing everything he can alone on that front? Could it be that the "party of no" strategy combined with a willingness to take the entire global economy hostage in order to protect tax cuts for the wealthy does not fare very well up against a President who is willing to compromise with a balanced approach? Could it be that Americans are aware that this President walked into the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and has worked tirelessly to do everything he can to reverse that - while the opposition has only one goal: make him a one-termer.

In other words, could it be that the American public still has an ounce of sense left?

Not to mention that this President has been kicking butt in terms of communicating with the public over these debt ceiling negotiations. Take a look...he's had 5 press conferences/speeches in the last 2 weeks to explain things to the American public. Tell me when another President did that.

Do your polling Frank. Some of us already know what the results will be.


  1. In other words, could it be that the American public still has an ounce of sense left?

    I hope, I hope, I hope....

  2. I'm speaking for myself, I know the mess which was left this President to try to clean up. I still support President Obama 100%.

  3. Sounds like this guy knows that Gallup's polling won't get hyped unless in confirms the MSM's chose narrative.

  4. this is funny as hell.

    the man might as well say,

    ' we've tried to fix this everyway we can,but all our rigging doesn't work'

  5. The thing ol' Frank and his organization fails to mention, is that PBO has averaged 51 percent since Jan. '09.

    Nice try, Frank.


  6. Really great observations SP! Gallup gets sucked into MSM sh*t all the time and then sets out to make the #s match. Furthermore, Gallup has never had to measure a phenonenom such as PBO before and they do not know how to do it. I will be interested in what they come up with but I wouldnt rely on it. Our PBO is one of a kind!

  7. Also, too, Obama's opposition is much more intense and numerous than Clinton and Reagan.

  8. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. My additional comments are here:

  9. Thanks Joe.

    I'm adding "Hope and Change" to my blogroll.

  10. Thanks Smartypants. Lots of overlap in our blogrolls I see. We have to stick together!