Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is impeachment on the table?

Andrew Sullivan joins p m carpenter in questioning whether or not the Republican end-game is setting President Obama up for impeachment.

They did the last Democratic president; and they feel even more strongly that this one is illegitimate, despite his thumping majority in the last election. Here's the scenario. The House GOP pushes for completely unserious Boehner plan (including a balanced budget amendment) that they know will be vetoed; they then filibuster the Reid plan in the Senate, forcing Obama to invoke a 14th Amendment executive prerogative, which they will then turn around and impeach him for.

Far-fetched? I hope so. But every time you think you have reached the end of Republican extremism, they manage to move further out of the solar system.

After watching today's events, I'm starting to have the same thoughts.


  1. * is this Grover's end game?
    * is this where the Tea Party gets to dress the set with even more flags?
    * is this where the professional left gets to finally exercise its muscle? think of the virtual column inches, or, Political TV Comes To The Web (ala Court TV and the O.J. trial)! Score!
    * how soon will we see Glenn Beck again?
    * how many new computer servers will be needed for Congress?

    this could be the ultimate payday while government is well and truly drowned.

    i'm not cynical. no one will be hurt in this morality play.