Sunday, July 24, 2011

What does the GOP fear more - Obama or taxes?

Steve Benen has an interesting post this morning wherein he quotes George Will saying something we've heard regularly from Senator McConnell.

The Tea Party can succeed in 16 months by helping elect a president who will not veto necessary reforms. To achieve that, however, Tea Partyers must not help the incumbent achieve his objectives in the debt-ceiling dispute.

One of those is to strike a splashy bargain involving big — but hypothetical and nonbinding — numbers. This would enable President Obama to run away from his record and run as a debt-reducing centrist.

Benen summarizes:

Got that? The important thing isn’t to strike a compromise and prevent a disaster; the important thing is prevent Obama from claiming a political victory.

This is important to remember when we get all caught up in Republican intransigence over including tax cuts in the debt ceiling bill. Is Grover Norquist's pledge partly just an excuse to deny President Obama a victory? Its why he asked on Friday whether Republicans can say yes to anything.

Notice also that George Will pretty much endorsed the idea that if President Obama is able to run as a "debt-reducing centrist," that will deny the Tea Partiers a victory in 2012. In other words, it means Obama wins. This not only would be interesting news to the poutragers who think a grand bargain is the biggest threat to his re-election, it's also confirmation of what Nicholas Kristof wrote today about Republicans being a threat to our security. Duh!



  1. I have heard someone else say that this is all about preventing President Obama from having a victory. I believe it 100%, because the Tea-Republicans only agenda is to make this President a one term President even if it means destroying this country. What ashame. John Boehner and the Tea-Republicans are all to willing to destroy this country.

  2. Mitch McConnell: Top Priority, Make Obama a One Term President

  3. Mitch McConnell Reaffirms His Top Priority To Limit Barack Obama To One Term

  4. All of the shenanigan bull is because a black man is sitting in the Oval Office. This issue with the debt ceiling would have never happened to a white President. Mitch McConnell hates our President to the bone! But I never dreamed they’d try to wreck the country’s economic progress to try and get rid of him. I am convinced America will never change!


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