Friday, September 23, 2011

Obama campaign's "Double Down" scorecard

As we watch the Republicans candidates square off against each other in this primary, its no secret that teh stupid is ruling the day. So many times the dilemma is whether to laugh at the clownishness or cry that this is what the "grand old party" has been reduced to.

Last night's debate was no exception. There were so many moments of teh stupid that its hard to pick one as a standout.

Just after it was over, I happened on the Obama campaign web site and saw that the team there is up to the challenge of taking this all on. In a perfect mixture of humor and facts, they produced a GOP Debate Watch Scorecard. The crux of the game:

As the Republican candidates square off in Florida tonight, where will they double down on previous statements and where will they backtrack?

You got to pick whether or not the candidates would backtrack on teh stupid or double down. The graphic is too big to reproduce here - but go take a look. This morning they've updated it with the "double downs" from last night.

What this does is both poke a little fun at the ridiculousness of it all while still providing a record of the outlandish statements these candidates are making. And its particularly damning for someone like Romney who, if he wins the nomination, is going to be doing everything he can to backtrack from all of this in the general election.

Score one for our team. Way to go guys!

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