Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cain Unleashed

Florida Republicans might rue the day they unleashed Herman Cain on the field of presidential contenders by giving him the top spot in their straw poll. He's been stirring up a storm with his newfound notoriety and I must admit that its kinda fun to sit back and watch.

Earlier this week, Mr. Cain made a statement that continued the Republican efforts to repel people of color from their party. He basically told African Americans that they'd been brainwashed into not being open to a conservative viewpoint.

Now today we learn that Gov. Perry leases some land for hunting that has the name "N****rhead." Today, Cain is calling out the Governor for being insensitive.

“That’s just very insensitive,” Cain told Fox News Sunday. “There isn’t a more vile, negative word than the N-word and and for him to leave it there as long as he did before I hear that the finally painted over it, it’s just plain insensitive to a lot of black people in this country.”

OMG - that's what happens when you let one of "them" into the Tea Party. LOL

But wait, Cain isn't done yet. He's also striking a pre-emptive attack on Gov. Christie, using all the things we expected to hear.

Channeling his role as a tea party favorite, Cain hit Christie on the topics many pundits have suggested will be problems for him in the national Republican electorate should he run for the White House. Among them: Christie has said climate change is caused by humans, that “being in this country without proper documentation is not a crime,” and he attacked right wing fears of creeping sharia law as “crazy.”

So, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked — is Christie “too liberal” to win the GOP nomination?

“Yes,” Cain said. “I believe that a lot of conservatives once they know his position on those things that you delineated, they’re going to not be able to support him.”

With the collapse of Bachmann and then Perry, could Herman Cain be the new standard-bearer for the Tea Party crowd - taking it to the likes of Romney and/or Christie? You betcha! Now that is going to be amusing to watch!


  1. Cain wants to have it both ways: he wants to offend us and defend us, but, we see through him. Why object to Perry's hunting compound having the name N!99erhead and deny the racism in the tea party groups and in the GOP? We're way smarter than Cain gives us credit for. I think many blacks are social conservatives, but we aren't blind ideologues who will vote against our own best economic interests. Cain should learn the difference. I've met lots of Herman Cains in my 50+ years. They all share a common trait: their favorite topic of conversation and their favorite person is themselves.

  2. majii - My assessment is that Cain isn't the brightest bulb in the room. And you're probably right about that "common trait."

  3. That's all well and good, but I don't think you see the full picture here, so I will help.

    Last time around, we had a black man running against Mc Cain. This time around we could have a black man named Mr Cain running against the man who won last time.

    It would unprecendented, no mispelled pun intended.

    Two Cain running in a row, and then the unprecended even of a black man competing with another black man for the oval office (and the other black man has almost the same name as his last competitor)!

  4. Mo'nin', all.

    Good to see you still here, John.

    Ms. Pants, I would say that I agree with Majii's assessment. The matter, I believe, is self loathing. We have seen it before. TEXTBOOK example is sitting on the Supreme Court right now. Clarence Thomas was/is for himself - as Majii points out. The "tell"?

    Clarence is allll against the very legal helps that assisted him in getting to where he is for the rest of black folk (and women - which is often forgotten re: Affirmative Action). Unless it's his butt. THEN, he's a "victim" of a "high tech lynching".

    Alumnus Cain slams "us" for not having as much money as he and, as you point out, say's we're pretty much all brainwashed. But, then wants to jump back in "the family" to slam Rick Perry for a corner post of what his movement - that he's coonin' for (yes, I DID say that) stands for. Again, for HIMself.

    Very wild stuff, indeed. And, I agree. The Hermantor is just warmin' up.

    John, alumnus Cain spoke a bit ago re: your point. Said of himself that he's the "real" black man.

    I CERtainly can't say that it won't happen. But, for me, I think it's highly doubtful.

    He can coon all he wants to the Tea Party bigots, but Stevie Wonder, back in the 80's, said it very well..."you MIGHT change your name, but you canNOT change your FACE. We don't want your kind livin' in here".