Thursday, October 20, 2011

It was not a good day to be a Republican

I imagine this isn't the first and won't be the last time this happens. But today was truly not a good day to be a Republican.

First of all, there's the ongoing Romney/Perry Fight Club coming out of the last debate. Apparently Romney's story is that he's a victim of Perry's road rage. But then, there was that Romney ad basically calling Perry a doofus that all of the sudden disappeared. What's up with that Mr. Romney the victim?

Not to be left out of this faux pas circus, Cain says he's, wait...he's 100% pro-life. I guess that's kinda like being willing to negotiate with terrorists...but not being willing to negotiate with terrorists. OMG, my head is spinning!

But I give the award for the day to Herman Cain for telling us that he's got a secret plan to protect poor people from 999. gotta hear this one.

The other thing that they try to say – “well it’s going to be regressive on the poor.” No it’s not. We anticipated that attack, but I didn’t tell them how I was going to fix it yet. I wanted to wait until I get attacked on that for a while. We already have a plan for that. But I wanted to see if they would come at that. They thought it was going to be dead in the water. We are a compassionate nation. We do want to help those that are doing all they can to help themselves, but they might need a little bit of help. So we’re not going to throw the people at the poverty level under the bus. No, we’re not going to do that. But we’ve already made provisions for that, but I just haven’t told the public and my opponents about it yet.

Be honest - doesn't that knock batshit crazy out of the park?

Just so Congressional Republicans don't feel left out of all of this fun, today the Washington Post fact checker called their jobs bill "ludicrous."

But then finally, along comes the death of Gadhafi - showing that Obama chose the right course on Libya. Now, what's a self-respecting obstructionist to do? Does Romney flip-flop one more time? Do you announce what wonderful news this is without recognizing that the U.S. played a role? Do you thank all the troops involved except the American ones? All of that takes a bite out of the U.S. exceptionalist meme, doesn't it? But to acknowledge victory would be to give President Obama some credit for knowing what he's doing.

As I said, it was definitely NOT a good day to be a Republican.



  1. "Be honest - doesn't that knock batshit crazy out of the park?"

    Hehehehehe. Great post, Smartypants. Makes me wish I liked popcorn.

  2. Thanks Tien Le.

    I remember wondering whether or not this nominating process would get crazy. I guess I shouldn't have ever doubted that.

  3. Nope, it was a not very good day for republicans. It tickles me to see the lengths to which they've gone to thwart PBO's EVERY move, and they are still unable to stop him from being successful in a variety of areas. McCain, Lieberman, Graham, Rubio, Grassley, etc. The MSM is lining them up to solicit their comments. That is sooo rich! These are the same people who were so certain that PBO was wrong in making the decision that he did. So certain that they wanted to craft a new law that tied only his hands where foreign policy is concerned. Sounded like a bill of attainder type of thing to me. In a sane world, the MSM would want to showcase someone from the Obama Administration to explain the thinking that went into the president's decision to intervene in Libya, but, alas, there little sanity in the MSM or the GOP at the present time. I've learned to laugh at this, too because the script is always the same. Whatever it is, even if it's a success, there's something PBO did that was wrong.

  4. Yes, what choices the fundie base has got -- a heretic or a passel of morons whose blather would be embarrassing from a candidate for class president in a kindergarten. Not a good day to be a Republican, all right.

    Cain is starting to sound like he has a big hoop on a string coming out of his back and he just spouts a different random talking point every time somebody pulls it.

  5. The republicans are showing Americans just how crazy and out of touch with reality they are.

    Pretty soon they will not even admit they are republicans. You see it now on blogs everywhere. People are saying that they are independents, libertarians, conservatives...but not republicans. They say they dislike both parties. Well big whoopee! That's just meaningless BS.

    Just are what you vote. Labels are meaningless. Your vote defines what you are.

  6. I'd like to re-post this article. Hope it's okay. If not, please let me know. Thanks.