Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's about the jobs, stupid

In poll after poll after poll, the American people have spoken. Their number one priority right now is job creation. Sure they're mad at the banks who are primarily responsible for creating this mess. But if the poutragers think that they're more interested in making the 1% pay than they are in finding decent work at decent pay - they've seriously miscalculated.

So its interesting to see that while the President continues to fight for jobs, the poutrager blogs are devoting themselves pretty much 100% to things like whether or not James O'Keefe showed up at OWS, when they're not talking about the ongoing hunt for teh crazy known also as the GOP presidential nomination process.

Of course the MSM is also devoting much of their time to the GOP race - and the "big" news that a non-candidate who was polling at 10% has endorsed Romney.

Meanwhile last night Republican Senators pretty much told the unemployed in this country that they can take a hike. Even though a majority (51%) voted for the American Jobs Act, it was defeated because the Republicans threatened a filibuster.

But President Obama and the Democrats are not done. They will continue to fight for jobs, as the President said in his statement released after the vote.

Tonight’s vote is by no means the end of this fight. Independent economists have said that the American Jobs Act would grow the economy and lead to nearly two million jobs, which is why the majority of the American people support these bipartisan, common-sense proposals. And we will now work with Senator Reid to make sure that the individual proposals in this jobs bill get a vote as soon as possible.

In the coming days, Members of Congress will have to take a stand on whether they believe we should put teachers, construction workers, police officers and firefighters back on the job. They’ll get a vote on whether they believe we should cut taxes for small business owners and middle-class Americans, or whether we should protect tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

With each vote, Members of Congress can either explain to their constituents why they’re against common-sense, bipartisan proposals to create jobs, or they can listen to the overwhelming majority of American people who are crying out for action. Because with so many Americans out of work and so many families struggling, we can’t take “no” for an answer. Ultimately, the American people won’t take “no” for an answer. It’s time for Congress to meet their responsibility, put their party politics aside and take action on jobs right now.

So as the poutragers continue to go after the 1% and the MSM continues their search for the "not-Romney" candidate, President Obama won't take "no" for an answer and will continue to fight for jobs. I'd suggest that at some point the American people will notice.

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  1. Well, the American Public couldn't care less what the Poutragers have to say. They don't listen to or read their garbage. And they're not even really paying attention to the MSM's attempt to make a presidential horse race this far out. They are tuned into anyone who wants to talk about Jobs. And that would be the President.

    Love this strategy.