Monday, October 10, 2011

Obama's "conciliatory rhetoric as ruthless strategy" makes an appearance in the GOP primaries

I've written a lot about President Obama's conciliatory rhetoric as ruthless strategy. An example would be his statements acknowledging how much ACA was built on Romney's similar health reform plan in Massachusetts. The campaign is very aware that those kinds of statements drive the lunatics in the Republican Party even more over the edge and spell problems for Romney in the primary.

We see an example of that in Gov. Perry's recent ad. Its a jumble of words, but mixed in with it all is is footage of President Obama saying, "I agree with Mitt Romney," after its been pointed out that the WH has credited him with providing a model for health care reform.

Now President Obama, how about some talk about how much you agree with Gov. Perry on his position about immigrants getting in-state tuition in Texas? LOL

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