Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh Snap! Obama does it to Ed Henry again

At today's joint news conference with South Korean President Lee...

You'd think he would have learned a lesson from this one...


  1. Ed Henry just can't get enough. He likes being smacked! A$$ clown!

  2. TRANSLATION: Ed, I didn't know you and Fox News were spokespersons for the GOP

    Henry belongs on Faux Noise, nothing but snot-nosed jackals, the lot of them.

  3. So Ed Henry of FAUX NOOZ thought implying that Mr. Obama is weak on foreign policy while Mr. Obama holds a press conference with a foreign head of state was the patriotic thing to do?

    And then Henry goes all sniffy and whiney back to his pals at FAUX when the president gives him a beaut of a smack down? LOL!

    He gets my vote for Wanker of the Week.

  4. Here you have the man who took out America's worst enemy and Ed Henry is asking some dumb %@%@ up question about what Romney stated. What is up with these morans? Ugh!