Saturday, October 8, 2011

Romney getting a bit of the Obama treatment from the "baggers of tea"

The same people who think President Obama is a Kenyan Muslim are giving Mitt Romney a bit of the same treatment this weekend at the so-called "Value Voters" conference. He's "not a good enough Mormon," his religion is a cult, and Mormon's don't have the same rights to free speech in this country.

What’s striking about this new round of attacks on Romney’s faith is how similar they sound to the attacks on Obama’s Christianity you heard at conservative forums of the past. Some on the evangelical side have doubted Obama’s commitment to his faith at best, and accused him of being a secret Muslim masquerading as a Christian at worst.

An essential part of those attacks was the idea that America is a Christian nation and needs to be led by a Christian that understands that. And that’s exactly the kind of criticisms Romney is facing. It’s not that he’s a bad guy, the detractors on stage here at VVS have said (which is more credit than Obama often got), it’s that Christians really need a Christian to lead them. And - despite its allegiance to Jesus Christ - Mormonism just doesn’t fit the bill, some here say.

“I think Mitt Romney’s a good, moral man, but I think those of us who are born-again followers of Christ should always prefer a competent Christian to a competent - to a competent non-Christian like Mitt Romney,” Dr. Robert Jeffress, the man who caused a stir Friday when he introduced and publicly endorsed Rick Perry here, told CNN.

He also called Mormonism a cult.

If the man weren't so busy lying about both himself and President Obama, I might be almost inclined to feel a bit sorry for him. And I might also be able to envision Obama giving him a call and saying..."I hear ya, bro!"

But the truth is, these voters are simply the ones the Republican Party - including Romney - have decided to kowtow to. And this is what they get in return.


  1. Mormons are one of the Republican party's most loyal voting blocs. Utah often swings Republican by a bigger margin than any Southern state.

    I hope that Mormons everywhere are watching all of this very, very closely, and finding out what the fundie base of the party they support really thinks of them.

  2. I've said this about Romney all along. If he as a mormon didn't know better than to choose a party with no respect for diversity then I have no sympathy for him when enough of his chosen party turns on him to ruin things for him.

  3. Romney will be the nominee only by virtue of the "last man standing" rule.

  4. Romney, and any Mormon offended by being referred to as cultists, need to be asked why they adhere to a religion whose prophet, Joseph Smith, referred to Christianity, in general, as being cultic.
    He actually, claimed that God Himself referred to Christianity as “all wrong,” an “abomination,” “all corrupt” and “far from me”—this is the very foundation of the Mormon religion.
    Pardon the spam-like URL but, see:

  5. We adhere to the religion by conveniently ignoring that which is logical.:-)

  6. (Hi Smarty...I saw this "gem" on the net. Rose)

    LDS a "cult"? What about the "rapture"?

    by Bruce Rockwell

    Mitt Romney, a Mormon, is "not a Christian" and Mormonism is a "cult," according to Rev. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the Dallas (TX) First Baptist Church.
    His "cult" remark is based on his belief that the Latter Day Saints church (which didn't exist before 1830) is outside "the mainstream of Christianity."
    But Jeffress hypocritically promotes the popular evangelical "rapture" (theologically the "any-moment pretribulation rapture") which is outside mainstream Christianity (Google "Pretrib Rapture Politics") and which also didn't exist before 1830 (Google "Pretrib Rapture Diehards" and "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty")!
    And there are 50 million American rapture cultists (some of whom turn Wikipedia into "Wicked-pedia" by constantly distorting the real facts about the rapture's bizarre, 181-year-old history) compared with only 14 million LDS members.
    The most accurate documentation on pretrib rapture history that I have found is in a nonfiction book titled "The Rapture Plot" which is carried by leading online bookstores. I know also that the same 300-page work can also be borrowed through inter-library loan at any library.