Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The truth is that I'm tired of all the talk about how crazy Herman Cain is and the so-called Occupy Wall Street "movement." On the former, aren't we pretty much at the stage of "duh" on teh crazy? On the later, Nate Silver puts the numbers on the biggest day yet, Saturday, at 100,000 across the country. And when it comes to using a term like "movement," I'm with p m carpenter...until they figure out a message, they're "a muddled meaningless revolt." Here's the article he linked to, which demonstrates that muddlement. The money quote:

“Demands are disempowering since they require someone else to respond,” said Gabriel Willow, a protester strolling past a sleeping-bag pod of young adults in the park last Monday.

But still, President Obama keeps on keeping on when it comes to a jobs agenda for the American people. If I was going to write about what he said yesterday, it would have been exactly what Extreme Liberal said. So just go read it.

Harry Reid is going to force the Senate to stay in session this week until they vote on the section of the American Jobs Act that would fund teachers, cops and firefighters...something that 75% of Americans support (even 63% of Republicans). But we're all pretty sure that GOP Senators will pull yet another filibuster and kill it simply because it would give Obama and the Democrats a "win."

Today, President Obama goes to Jamestown, NC and Emporia, VA to continue to push for jobs. If you want to start a movement for sanity and real life results - that's where its happening!

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  1. They don't need to make demands. And people of our generation probably don't have much to offer in the way of useful advice. They should ignore us. The only helpful advice we might offer is not to follow our example. Once the protest movements of our generation turned ugly, that led to 40 years of darkness, from which we are only now re-emerging.

    This movement, on the other hand, has already succeeded in bringing to the fore issues that need to be talked about and addressed. What more than that could we expect from it? The only thing that concerns me is the potential for violence and backlash. If they can avoid that, then they have already been wildly successful, and who are we to criticize them for not making demands or acting in the way that we expect a protest movement should act.