Saturday, November 12, 2011

Carrier Classic

The photos of last night's NCAA game between North Carolina and Michigan State aboard the USS Carl Vinson are stunning.

But someone should have told the President that he was there to watch the game ;-)

OK, the game never really was that close. And they did seem to enjoy themselves.


  1. Saw these pictures and thought the idea of a ball game on a carrier was cool, and liked that the President likes his wife. Then, this AM I go to my outdoor AA mtg., and someone points to the carrier across the water and says, "that's where they played the game yesterday." Small world! I live in one of the smaller buildings you can't see in the first photo above because of the high-rises. Very cool.

  2. Bill - this was a WAY cool event.

    But as someone who currently lives in the "tundra," I'm as impressed with the idea of an outdoor AA meeting as I am with being that close to where this happened. LOL