Saturday, December 10, 2011

Still Fired Up?!!!

This post was inspired by an amazing comment by "anonymous" in the post below titled What Some White Liberals Could Learn From Black Liberals.

I wonder if these"spoiled brat" white liberals are even liberals? Is it possible to be a liberal while harboring such a strong sense of entitlement? Well, perhaps it is possible to be an 'intellectual' liberal, but not really an 'emotional' liberal; someone capable of empathizing with the on-going struggles of those who can--who MUST--CONTINUE to struggle even in the face of soul-wrecking, mind-maimng, life-threatening resistance. As long as the fight must continue, the enthusiasm must continue, unity must continue, faithfulness must continue. The small victories are celebrated as a prerequisite to winning more--not as an occasion to undermine the leader of the troops, or worse to abandon ship!

He's said it from the beginning..."The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep."

We're facing a "make or break moment."

So are you still fired up? Still ready to go?


  1. In the case of black liberals, I'd say it's not so much enthusiasm as it is good old-fashion resolve and pragmatism. We know what is at stake, and we know the path that leads to it is through the re-election of PBO and the election of more pragmatic democrats to Congress, and I'm hoping many of them will be women.

  2. Every Southern liberal Democrat I know - and there are many - is fire up for the President. But we have to fight the EmoProgs on the Left Coast and Northwest as well.

  3. I've never stopped being fired up and I gain more enthusiasm and respect for the man every day.

  4. Yes, I'm fired up.

    It thrills me when wingnuts attack me for saying "I'm supporting my President down to the last day of last hour of the last minute of his presidency".... until 2016. Heads start popping like fire crackers! ***Boom*** :)

  5. With respect, why?
    What is there to be excited about? Just read a bunch of blah blah blah- rah rah rah. What is it you love? Stimulus? Obamacare? the failed cap and trade?

    To know, know, know him, is to love, love love him.

    Not to be a jerk, but emotional choices seems like it would give your brain some extra capacity.

  6. Jim - you miss the whole point of this piece if you think its only about President Obama. Go back and read the quote from "anonymous" about the long-term struggle. And take a look at the second video which is all about the "make or break moment" we face.

  7. I went back and read it again, and again I'm lost at where BHO deserves all this halo polish. (and it IS all about him, at least in this post and the previous one, that is part of the problem) A talented politician who has a tough job no doubt, and he has had his victories, and credit due where credit is due, but to play the soft music in the background and to give him a total pass is an abdication of what citizen controlled government is about.

    Anonymous is right on the money with white liberals putting anyone darker than a paperbag into boxes-(thug, uncle tom, community organizer) and a liberal who has more boxes will be all over themselves about how diverse they are.

    Obama's "make or break moment" is just another minor policy fight about a smallish tax break extension that does not really make or break ANYONE. And I'll take that to the bank with you, and you can hold me to it. This is small potatoes stuff- not major shifts in policy.

    Yet Mr O is going to make it into this big class battle with those evil rich white guys trying to hold you down.

    And yet because we are talking about 'The One' we are supposed to rally and fight like hell cause this is being framed as the fight of our lives.

    I actually think the tax break extension is a good idea and should be balanced with some spending cuts (I don't really care where- you pick-- just lets not keep running up that credit card)

  8. Yes. 'To KNOW, KNOW, KNOW him, IS to love, love love him' IMO, because Pres O. is the only politician right now on the larger stage who has a specific goal AND is working to accomplish it. To complete a journey one needs to take the first step, as well as the subsequent steps.

    Excuse me, but this 'minor policy fight about a smallish tax break extension that does not
    really make or break' YOU, has the potential to make or break others whose resources are currently stretched to the limit. As a result of the persistent obstruction of the Repubs every step has become 'the fight of our lives' and if we choose not to be supportive of the President's efforts, I'm inclined to believe that the country will suffer more than he will. If there is a big class battle as per your reference, it is being waged by the actiions of the 'evil rich white guys' - your term. Anyone who is paying attention can see that the 'evil rich white guys' have not only been TRYING to hold..down' the middle class, they have been enormously successful to date.

    Actually, I know I am on a fruitless vein, so I'll stop. I was at first offended that you'd belittle the President at this stage, but what's the point really? While rereading your comment I suddenly remembered the old saw 'There's none so blind as he who will not see.'

    Have a good afternoon, and may you continue to enjoy your successes, even as this President and his administration fight for this smallish tax break extension that will make a difference in some 'other' lives.

  9. VC- If there was an example of someone blind....but I guess it would be better if I stopped right there.I guess ANY criticism of Obama would set you off.

    When BHO was elected the people were worried about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and Mortgages. It took our president THREE years to even begin to look at jobs and then only to offer the same old Carter era solutions. (and put forward by Clinton era re-treads)

    I don't hate the President,and I hope that I would not belittle the man, but I do belittle mindless worship when its so clear that its not warranted.

    And its a cheap ploy to vaguely reference some poor people who this tax break will make a difference to. This is not a charity shop we are running here. It is a government that is supposed to be for the people.

    Since you brought my personal finances into the discussion I will share with you that I am NOT better off today than I was the day Obama took office.

    Can you answer the same question for me? Are you worse off, or better off than you were before Obama? Is the country?

  10. Jim,

    "Are you worse off, or better off than you were before Obama? Is the country?"

    I'm better off and so is the country.

    You seem to forget that when President Obama took office we were careening towards a second great depression. And that within a few weeks of his inauguration, his stimulus bill had been passed. According to CBO, that one had a thing or two to do with creating jobs and turning things around. Then, he got a second stimulus passed when Republicans took the Bush tax cuts hostage.

    What I have to wonder is whether or not you aren't aware of these things or are simply ignoring them in an effort to be argumentative.

    If its the former - read around here some more. You'll likely learn a thing or two. And if its the later - you're taking on the wrong folks. We know our stuff and don't put up with lies/distortions.

  11. "I'm better off and so is the country.

    Wow, just Wow