Friday, December 30, 2011

Where left and right ideologues meet

I've always been convinced that not much reality in this world fits into the linear thinking we so often assume. The universe tells us - from the smallest particle to the larger universe - that things tend to take a more circular or spiral shape.


And yet, in things like politics, we insist on linear assumptions where the left is on one side of a line and the right on the other...suggesting that the farther you go on one end, the more distance you create with the other.

We're getting a pretty good dose though, of just how flawed that thinking is. Back in December 2009, leftist ideologue Jane Hamsher showed us how, in circularity, the two ends of the extreme meet. Her issue at the time was the health care bill.

At no time do the synapses firing in their brains make the connection that both the "lazy progressive bloggers" and the tea party activists are saying almost the exact same thing about the Senate bill...

There is an enormous, rising tide of populism that crosses party lines in objection to the Senate bill...In fact, we've worked together with them to oppose these things.

So now it should come as no surprise to us that the left and right ideologues are coming together in support of extremist Ron Paul's presidential campaign. As liberals, most of us would denounce to our last breath any association with David Duke.

Mr. Duke, who was something of a mentor to Mr. Black [founder of Stormfront] during their days in the Klan, called in to discuss Mr. Paul. Though he said he wasn’t ready to make an official endorsement, Mr. Duke explained why he’ll be voting for Mr. Paul.

“Again, I go back to that, you know, traditional topic that I always talk about, you know, the powers of international Zionism–a power in banking, a power in media, a power in government influence, in campaign finance–a power that’s, you know, hurting the values of this country on behalf of Israel,” Mr. Duke said. “So, I would vote for Ron Paul at this moment because he’s one of the few candidates who have policies in this regard and this realm that I wholeheartedly support, and that’s why I’d vote for him.”

And yet we have Glenn Greenwald who, in suggesting a vote for President Obama is the same as voting for a Republican, had this to say about Paul:

Indeed, when it comes to the foreign policy and civil liberties values Democrats spent the Bush years claiming to defend, the only candidate in either party now touting them is the libertarian Ron Paul...

So we have David Duke and Glenn Greenwald coming together in support of Ron Paul. That should prove to everyone that when you go out far enough on a limb, you find yourself circling back to sleep with the enemy.


  1. ebogan63 here. I wonder why all of these folks who are so concerned about civil liberties don't mention the National Security Agency: Ron Paul certainly knows about this agency, yet he has not called for it's abolition. Neither has the civil liberties 'champion' Greenwald or others.

    This is why I put these folks who think that PBO wants to turn the US into East Germany on ignore

  2. Let's be clear - this blog post is a hit piece. The Greenwald quote didn't state any endorsement, just the fact that the only major candidate (i.e. one who's gotten on CNN, etc) talking about peace or civil rights is Ron Paul. That's a sad fact, but a fact. Stating that fact doesn't mean I support the twisted old son-of-a-bitch, and shouldn't be construed that way of Glenn Greenwald, either.

  3. This is why I'm backing Darcy Richardson ( for more info).

  4. Aldous - that quote is one of many coming from Greenwald lately about Ron Paul. Doubt me? Check his twitter feed. Its full of supportive references to Paul.

    But you're right - this is definitely a "hit piece." I'm very clearly hitting back on the nonsense coming from folks like Greenwald. Check the post below this one if you doubt that.

  5. While some are distracted by the smoke and mirrors of attacking the Ron Paul candidacy and intent on changing the conversation from serious issues into the stuff of tabloids, there are many others, myself included, who see this as an opportunity to advance common cause across a whole spectrum of political ideologies. The common cause is Liberty. Rather than taking the myopic and childish view of Us vs. Them, party politics, we are making the tactical decision to support a candidacy whose views protect American rights across the board. Liberty is essential to our experiment in democracy, and without it we are lost. We cannot retain our Liberty whilst being seduced ever further into unending war which as the NDAA comes into focus expands to include US Citizens in the draconian Bush Era policies of extraordinary rendition and warrantless wiretapping. American citizens across the board would be wise to back Ron Paul at this juncture in history. Anyone not completely naive about the political machine in this country should realize that if a candidate is being attacked this venomously by the establishment, (both Democrat and Republican, CNN and FOX, etc.) it's because they have been deemed a threat. Ron Paul is a threat because his Constitutional approach to government would return us to the principle of Liberty, which our revolutionary mothers and fathers fought and died for. America sleepwalking towards tyranny in the present fashion is nightmare from which we are trying to awake! There's good reason why people across the political spectrum are backing Paul, it's because we know what time it is in American Politics, and we want our country back! May reason prevail!

  6. If you've got actual information showing a Ron Paul endorsement by Greenwald, let's see it.

  7. Aldous - I never said Greenwald has endorsed Paul. But then, neither has David Duke.

    What I'm saying is that Greenwald supports Paul. That is simply a fact. As I said, check his twitter feed if you doubt it.

  8. This seems to be going very will so far. Thanks for inviting me to waste four minutes of my life that I'll never recover.

  9. I had a bet with myself about which side would post first. Looks like Greenwald beat Paul by 7 minutes. Is there a GoogleAlert on this blog or something? LOL