Saturday, January 7, 2012

Enthusiasm Gap

I have the feeling that perhaps I'm developing something in common with Republicans...I can't seem to get enthused about any of their presidential candidates.

Of course, my problem isn't that I'm having trouble getting enthused about voting for them - heaven forbid. I'm having trouble ginning up enthusiasm for bashing them.

Perhaps my whack-a-moler needs re-charging.

I know they've had a week that pretty much went off the charts with lying, racism, homophobia, etc. But I just can't seem to find the energy to care.

So I'm running some diagnostics trying to find out if this attitude is a bug or a feature.

Could it be a temporary malfunction of a personal nature (ie, I'm distracted or burned out)?

Or is it perhaps that I want to shout to the world...WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM THESE IDIOTS?!!!

I guess I'll watch the debate tonight and see if that re-boots the outrage.



  1. good stuff. my sentiments exactly, these gop clowns participating in their alternative universe have become their own punch-line.

    a good friend of mine once remarked: you don't have to satire them from creating a skit mocking them...all you have to do is replay verbatim what they say and how the say it. Peace from another blah man.

  2. healthysouls,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    The other day I suggested that Colbert and Stewart could save a few and fire all of their staff...this stuff just writes itself.

    I checked out your blog...looks great!

  3. Maybe you've just learned to pace yourself. It's going to be a looooong year with more than enough outrage to go around.

  4. I say why do we even have to bother bashing them? They're undermining themselves w/o our help. I'd rather support the President than trash them. The President isn't going to spend one minute trashing them. He's not even paying attention right now. I haven't found myself outraged by any of what they say and do because I know it's all theater, playing itself out for ratings. It's just a reality competition. Not one of these people stands a chance against our President. So why even bother using the breath or the keystrokes?