Monday, January 23, 2012

South Carolina takeaway of the day!

Over at Real Clear Politics, Sean Trende lists 3 takeaways from the South Carolina primary.

I must admit to a case of the giggles when I got to this one:

And remember, this is still in many ways the electorate that selected Christine O’Donnell, Carl Paladino and Linda McMahon as its standard-bearers -- in very blue states with relatively moderate GOP electorates, no less.

This vote was an utter repudiation of Romney, and it absolutely will be repeated in state after state if something doesn’t change the basic dynamic of the race.

Notice anything else those three candidates had in common Sean? THEY ALL LOST.

But the point he's making is something I haven't heard any other Republican say...that what happened in SC might not be limited to southern states. He's suggesting that Republicans in Delaware, New York and Connecticut might be just as crazy.

Oh can that NOT be the takeaway of the day!


  1. Catering to the village idiot has finally caught up with them.


  2. Since my brother compares himself as more to the right than Ghengis Khan, and he always calls me to explain what is happening politically, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on these guys.

    1. They all have purple mustaches. That is, they continually believe their own press. They honestly believe that the reason the R's lost in the last election was because McCain was too liberal.

    2. They have zero empathy. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the other guy's shoes and understand why he believes the way he does. You don't have to agree with it, almost by definition you can't. But you do have to understand where it comes from. These guys don't have any empathy at all. As a result, they sincerely believe that EVERYONE thinks like they do, its just that about half of us are evil.

    My $0.02 worth.

    1. DerFarm

      I was just trying to figure out how to explain all this to a liberal friend. He keeps trying to make the logical case about how Gingrich can't possibly be "electable."

      Perhaps that's another example of a lack of empathy...a liberal who can't seem to grasp that its not logic at work here.

      Anyway, thanks much for that comment. It explains a lot!

    2. DerFarm, I appreciated your analysis, I think you've hit the nail on the head. I've found that they think everyone thinks the same way to be true here in Indiana too. I've been in doctor's offices where people start talking, sharing the Fox line. They think President Obama will be soundly trounced in every state because all they know is the misinformation they get from Fox. I can understand it because that's all they hear. They really think it's the truth and they are getting the news that everyone else is.

      I couldn't stand it once and got in the conversation because they didn't know even one thing that President Obama has done! I couldn't believe it. They just sat there with their mouths open. Once in a laundromat one woman started the Fox line and when I replied she turned and literally ran away from me saying "liberal press" over and over again as she faded in the distance.

      The most effective thing for me with these folks is to not fight their resistance about Obama but to be calm and just say something about the GOP helping out the billionaires and wanting us to pay for it. Or that they are doing the same thing Hoover did that in the Depression -- lower taxes on the wealthy and the deregulate businesses that caused the problem in the first place. Not a lot, just a sentence or two and they seem to stop and think. They'll often say yeah like it's been in their mind too.

      Even if Willard became the candidate I can't see him as being anything but very damaged by the primaries and his handling of it. My guess is either a brokered convention where they bring in a new presidential candidate (is that possible?) or a VP that's supposed to energize like Palin did. Someone that won't be vetted, but can energize the base. Whatever happens, it's been an incredible fail for the Republican/Libertarian/Bircher party.

  3. Primo observation, Smartypants. P-r-i-m-o