Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blues in da house!

I know that by now all of you have probably seen this video. But it won't hurt to take a look one more time will it?

I watched the whole event on the White House web site last night. If you missed it, please know that this was but an over-the-top ending to an amazing evening of music. It was not only a blast to watch, it was also a real pleasure to see both President Obama and Michelle genuinely enjoying themselves. Here's one taste of the brilliance that has been made available on youtube...Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger, Gary Clark, Jr. and Jeff Beck doing "Five Long Years."


  1. Aside from all the Obama goodness, I was pleased to be introduced to Trombone Shorty and Gary Clark. As I'm prone to asking myself, why haven't I ever heard these guys before? Yay! to getting educated :)

  2. Just one more about this :)
    Mick was tweeting from the WH yesterday!/MickJagger

    some nice links including this one to a bit of the rehearsal:

  3. Eve'nin', Ms. Pants

    WHAT an event, no?

    Nellcote, did you ever watch HBO'S "Treme"?

    Trombone Shorty was often featured. Particularly, during the second season.

  4. Dear President Obama,

    Don't bother debating any one of the stiffs who'll get the GOP nomination to run against you in November. Just sing real purty like you did last night. None of those anal retentives have the cool, the smooth, or the voice you have.

    It just isn't fair, is it--all that talent in one fabulous president. And all the GooPers have to show is this lousy group of angry spittle-fleckers.

    Oh, and did I mention that President Obama has a really intelligent AND beautiful First Lady?