Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Republican view of inclusion

We can deny women opportunities like equal pay for equal work and access to reproductive health services. But if the Democrats toy with nominating the first female presidential candidate, we'll give them a VP that has ovaries too.

We can accuse the first black president of being "Kenyan" and demand to see his birth certificate all while turning dog whistles into fog sirens about things like food stamps. But as Democrats actually elect the first black president, we'll give them a melanin-enhanced head of the RNC and toy with nominating one ourselves.

We can support immigration laws that put every brown-skinned person at risk of losing their civil rights and even have a melanin-enhanced candidate for the presidency talk about electric fences on our border. But when Latino voters start supporting the Democratic Party in droves, we'll trot out our own brown-skinned person of Cuban descent as the most likely VP candidate.

Is it any wonder that all Republicans see in things like affirmative action programs is quotas? They are so completely blinded by their white male privilege that they can't see the sexism/racism staring them right in the face. Then they pile it on by insulting the intelligence of women and people of color with a token.

Lawd have mercy...

All I can do with that is join in the prayer of Rev. Joseph Lowery - if only because he brings a smile to my angry heart about it all.


  1. Once again, Smartypants, you miss the forest for the trees.

    "Then they pile it on by insulting the intelligence of women and people of color with a token"

    They don't insult the intelligence because they truly don't believe there is intelligence there to insult. I'm assuming that you are 15-20 years younger than I. You were raised in a society that had pretty much gotten away from the idea that people of color and white trash were irredemably flawed by a lack of ability to think rationally. You saw Sesame ST, SoulTrain, and the A-Team on TV. For me it was Lucy (passive aggressive to the nth degree), Beaver (condescension to all deviance from the norm), and HowdyDoodie (Being white trash can be fun!!!).

    Like all good mythologies, Horatio Alger worked on multiple levels. He was not so much a celebration of hard work and persevereance as a cautionary tale about how RARE the ability to move up was. The pundits, major political advisers, CEO's of the major corporations and so forth were raised in the time of Beaver Cleaver.

    They no longer have the social hooks required to move anyone anywhere. They are attempting to hold on to the current situation vis a vis social reform ... that happened 30 years ago.

    1. Forgive the condescension. I tend pontificate when perusing the foundational structures of my existence ... also when I'm drinking.

      Occam's Razor: If they act like they think the people are stupid ... then they think the people are stupid.

    2. Don't worry DerFarm - I enjoy your pontificating.

  2. It's the same with game-players. Some people play games all the time. They have no authenticity; everything they do is a move in a game. They can.not.see that others are not playing games with them, that they mean what they say. And people who are not game-players can not see that the game players are never sincere.