Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Mayors unite against illegal guns

Talking about common sense gun control has flown off the political radar these last couple of years. Following the Tucson shooting President Obama published an editorial on the subject calling for a dialogue on this issue "to seek consensus, to prevent future bloodshed, to forge a nation worthy of our children's futures." Other than the usual paranoid responses on the right, we heard nada.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg used their rivalry in the Super Bowl today to let us know that they're also co-chairs of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Check out the site. Find out if your mayor is participating (mine is!) and see what they're up to.

Here's a sobering stat from their web site: 13,368 Americans have been murdered with guns since Tucson. That's more than a thousand a month. One would be too many - a thousand is nothing short of an outrage!

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