Friday, February 3, 2012

"This isn't just a good jobs's a recovery jobs report"

Thus sayeth Ezra Klein.

The strangest [?] thing about January’s jobs report is that it’s pretty much all good. The headline numbers are great, of course: payrolls are up by 243,000 jobs. Unemployment is down to 8.3 percent. But the inside numbers are good, too...

Revisions are positive, too. November goes from 100,000 new jobs to 157,000 new jobs. December goes from 200,000 new jobs to 203,000 new jobs. So the real number for the just-released jobs report is 303,000 jobs: that’s how many we added in January, plus what we just added to the numbers from November and December. Nicely done, economy...

The bottom line is that this isn’t just a good jobs report. It’s a recovery jobs report. It’s showing the sort of numbers that win elections.

Via Steve Benen: red = Bush, blue = Obama


  1. When the numberfor new unemployment claims go below 370,000, the economy is creating jobs. We have reached that tipping point.

    It should be a good year.