Saturday, February 25, 2012

The wheels of justice grind on. Anyone noticing?

A little less than 2 years ago most of the country was consumed with anger at BP and other companies that were complicit in the Gulf oil spill. Much of that anger was turned on President Obama. I remember at the time being confused about just exactly what it was folks wanted him to do...swim down into the depths of the ocean and personally plug the spill? Of course not. I suspect they just wanted him to erupt in self-righteous anger too.

The truth is, even if he had blown his top about it all (which was never going to happen), it would have accomplished nothing other than perhaps make some people feel better. But now that everyone has gotten over that particular outrage and moved on through several others, I doubt many people will pay attention to the fact that on Monday, the federal trial to hold BP and other companies accountable will commence in New Orleans.

My question is whether or not the people of this country have the staying power to really care about accountability. Or did we just want a Presidential temper-tantrum?


  1. While the slow wheels of justice are frustrating, I don't want President Obama to throw tantrums. That's my job. ;-)

    Good day and good nuts.

  2. Oh you know very well, Smartypants, that it is bread and circuses time here in America and the people are always looking for entertainment rather than good government. Poor President Obama can't do anything right, especially when he is just exercising good judgement and doing his job well.

    The GOP political clown car is giving the folks in the gallery what they want i.e. a Reality TV show-- God help us all. Thanks for providing the occasional sane observation to leaven the loaf. BTW I've added you to my blogroll-- I love what you are doing.

  3. Considering how silent they've been on how this justice department continues to slowly go after the bankers/financial regulators they can hold responsible and now that we can sue BP in federal court, It's obvious that whatever this president does it will ever be enough. No it's never been about accountability.

    I was really happy, when I heard that Bill Maher gave President Obama's Super Pac $1 million dollars. I was really angry when I saw a clip on what he said at the show, and it was that " we've now got the black president he voted for, and his first term was as a white president" or something to that effect. It goes to show how much racism applies to how this president is judged.