Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ed Henry: Three Strikes and You're OUT

In yesterday's press conference President Obama tackled some extremely important issues: like the warmongering currently underway with Republicans.

But on a lighter note, I'm beginning to wonder if we shouldn't call these press conferences "Ed Henry Smackdowns." Does this Faux News reporter have any appreciation for the concept of "three strikes and you're out?"

As a refresher - here's strike one.

Strike two.

And yesterday's big swing and miss...strike three.

To switch metaphors, one has to wonder when the referee calls it for the great counter-puncher.


  1. Love this! My President kicks ass.

  2. This is the first president that calls to a better part of me. I appear very mild mannered, but feel angry or upset about lying and manipulating on the far right or left. I often think of President Obama and how balanced he is. I think of his unbelievable accomplishments in spite of the resistance and situations he has dealt with. And in all of it, he does it with grace, intelligence, style and compassion. One thing I would really like is that those angry, fearful people would see the extraordinary person he is and if they disagree with what he has done or said, that they disagree on the basis of substance, not lies.

    1. Well said, Suzanne. The repub/tparty has to dig way back to find anything on our Prez and then edit and re-edit to get a clip. If only people who listen to a repub/tparty site would check on what they hear. It won't happen - when emotion comes in, reasoning leaves.

  3. Oh god, I remember when Jon Stewart played a clip of "Strike One" on "The Daily Show," and the said "The president followed this by saying 'Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for an appointment to fuck your mother.'"

  4. Thanks for a few moments I am calling "Why I really am glad Barack Obama puts up with all the crap". This is an example of why I think it is best to elect people who #1. Are smarter than I am. #2. Are examples of better behaviour that I usually manage to exhibit. #3. I trust with their hand on the nuclear, and ask Congress to go to war 'buttons'. #4. Will listen to those of use with more passion than sense and use what is valid.

  5. Oh God, I want every person in America to see that press conference with no tele-prompter no less! He came in to kick some a**, he did it and walked out!

    I notice he did it on Super Tuesday & got his share of the press coverage just like he did when Michigan voted. He also forced the mindless press to amplify his message to the repugs about "talking casually about war"! Masterful!

    I love this prsident!

  6. Aren't they a beauty? Sorry you can't see the big grin on my face. :-) Of course, I only wish it were true that he was 'out' of there and a different idiot at least got his/her chance at three strikes.

    I actually believe if there really was a turnover time the public might be better served with better questions.

  7. PBO's pressers are always good for some laughs because one of these idiots always tries to be too clever by half, only to have their ass handed back to them.

    The President should really think about doing some standup once he has some free time in 2017, he certainly has the chops for it.

  8. Ed Henry just won't stop. What's the deal with this guy? He's being smacked all across the face & neck for his stupidity but yet he continues. Good grief, dude...shut up!

    Check this...Watch Ed Henry's smirking while Norah O'Donnell...**sigh** ask yet another ansinine question. President Obama wiped the smirk from both of them.