Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just sayin...


  1. Absolutely. Now, if we look through some of the photos of him as a child (I don't have many, but I'll take a look)

    His comment is eternal ... it's who he is and how he reaches our depths.

  2. I would not doubt that PBO got the "talk" from someone when he came to the mainland to go to college.

    He talked about trying to get a cab in NYC! He knows personally what happened to Trayvon and he knows personally that were he not President and had a son, Trayvon could have been his son. He knows!!!

  3. Yup.

    When Trayvon's story first broke, I thought, "this kid could've been a future president. Something like this could have snuffed out Barack Obama, Jr.'s life when he was a teenager."

    And of course, President Obama's statement was perfect: it held the implicit painful and obvious truth every black parent in America lives with every day. I know his statement jarred a lot of white consciences -- and that's good. That means Trayvon's life is broadly being seen as having value -- something of a break from the usual social treatment of young black lives in America. It's time for white America to see this ugly truth plainly. I guess Rox News and right-wing media will serve a useful purpose here, if only to provide an instructive stark and ugly contrast to the reality being acknowledged -- at long last -- by decent Americans.

  4. My own grandson could be Trayvon in ten years. This has to stop!