Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ain't Nobody Worryin

For years now I've been saying that if what was happening to black children happened to white children, the country would have long ago declared a "war on guns," re-ignited the "war on poverty," and would actually give a damn about things like urban education, economic development and housing. But its been clear that as long as its happening to "them," its not on our radar.

In a cruel twist, now it seems that one of the ways the right wing is going to try to deflect the problems with race in the Trayvon Martin case is to suggest that black people are somehow "playing the race card" this time because it is THEY who haven't spoken up enough about these other issues. Ta-Nehisi Coates rips that one to shreds with examples any of us who have been paying attention would be able to chronicle in our own communities.

I can tell you that I've met these African American parents. They've been working their butts off and screaming at us for years to give a damn about what's happening to their children. But as Anthony Hamilton says..."Ain't Nobody Worryin."

(Scenes from the 4th season of The Wire)


  1. I feel mostly sad. There just seems to be no real answers. I am reminded of the Taliban youth & Palestinian youth, et al that just blow themselves up or commit violence in other ways. How is America different for the different gangs or the AA community youth?

    1. Let me assure you...there ARE answers. I've seen it with my own eyes!