Friday, April 6, 2012

The wingers have found another dog whistle

Notice the words right wingers are choosing to use in attacking the President for his remarks about the Supreme Court:

Liz Cheney says President Obama is trying to bully the Supreme Court. (warning: wingnut link)

Rush Limbaugh likened President Obama to a thug and said he's threatening the Court.

Sean Hannity accused Obama of using "Chicago thuggish intimidating tactics."

Just google "Obama threatened Court" and you'll get pages of this stuff.

This language is no accident. As I've already pointed out, these same folks have been completely silent when Republicans actually threatened the Supreme Court.

I agree 100% with Zandar on this one.

Seven more months of “But he’s The Uppity Kenyan Colonialist Gangsta Thug! Hide your nubile daughters!” is going to be awesome like a migraine surrounded by smaller autonomous migraines. Then again, it’s not like Republicans can run on issues or anything, so the full court press on BLOOGITY BLOO HE’S BLACK is pretty much their entire hand at this point.

Beneath all the bluster, this is the message we can expect from the right wing over the next seven months...they got nuthin' else. So prepare yourselves.


  1. Hiding their daughters might be a good idea. He sung a little Al Green and I heard the reaction when he(PBO) took his jacket off recently. He's got Chicago in his background as well. Everyone from Chicago thinks they're players and I don't think the President is any different(look how he walks). I'm just saying people shouldn't trust their daughters around this guy.


  2. 'Afternoon, Ms. Pants

    Vic 78, you ain't nevah lied. Why, just look what happens when Ms. Chip over at "The Obama Diary" or Ms. Pants posts the picture that has become known as "Wet Obama". The women become SHAMEless. Just FLOCK to him. And, we KNOW the problem is what "they" say about black men (though, Miles Davis would've said he's beige). Though....

    The endless (did you see what Scott Walker just did?) intense, mysoginistic attacks that the on-air leader of the Republican Party and his elected minions have going against women is "a fiction". Right? And, it just could NOT be that the Republicans, on PURpose, have tried to wreck the country (including the latest iteration of "The Ryan Plan"), could it??? Nahhhhhhhh.....

    It's that he's blackity, black, black BLACK!!!!!! Indeed....hide all yer daughters AND yer wives!!!!

    Seriously, I can. not. WAIT for this crap to crash and damn evaporate.