Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow, Obama ain't playin'

Let's take a little trip down memory lane for a moment back to those days when the Republicans were holding the world economy hostage over the debt ceiling. At the very last minute, a deal was crafted to avert the crisis. And remember how Speaker John Boehner said he'd gotten 98% of what he wanted?

Whassup with that?

The debt limit deal requires Congress by law to limit discretionary spending in next year’s appropriations to $1.047 trillion. During the debt limit fight, leaders of both parties and the White House understood that the government would be funded at this level for the next fiscal year — and moreover they had reached accord on how that money would be divided between defense and non-defense programs. Those agreements removed two trip wires, and appeared to greatly reduce the likelihood of a government shutdown in 2012.

But fast forward to this spring when, as we’ve noted in previous stories, House Republicans pledged to cut more out of discretionary spending programs in the next fiscal year than they agreed to last summer. Facing a rebellion from House conservatives, budget committee chairman Paul Ryan and party leaders cut deeper, setting a ceiling for discretionary spending that’s $19 billion below the cap in the debt limit deal, and cuts domestic spending even further to finance greater-than-agreed-to funding for the Defense Department.

I'm scratching my head here. Either my math is really off on how you'd calculate that 2% of what Boehner didn't get in the deal or he was lying through his teeth when he said it 9 months ago.

In other words, the Republicans took us to the brink of a disaster of their own making, signed on to a deal to avert that disaster, crowed about how they got most everything they wanted, and are now reneging on the whole deal.

Today President Obama weighed in.

In a major escalation of a slowly building fight over funding the government, the White House has warned House Republicans, in no uncertain terms, that the government will shut down in September if the GOP does not adhere to an agreement they cut with Democrats in August during the standoff over raising the nation’s debt limit.

“Until the House of Representatives indicates that it will abide by last summer’s agreement, the President will not be able to sign any appropriations bills,” writes Jeffrey Zients, acting director of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, in a letter addressed to congressional appropriators Wednesday.

The message is simple: The government will shut down just ahead of the 2012 presidential election if Republicans break faith with the debt limit deal.

See what I mean by "he ain't playin?"

Let's be clear, this is an opening salvo in what will be a very long battle. But President Obama just made a strong move (and yeah, take that all you poutragers who predicted he'd just fold).

Now its your move Boehner. Are you willing to keep playing these games and risk a government shutdown just before the election? Or are you going to keep the bargain you made last summer and risk a split in the Republican Party?

The development sets up a confrontation between GOP leaders and their right-leaning rank and file members, who will rebel if Republicans blink and adhere to the debt limit caps. It could also force the GOP’s presidential nominee to choose between supporting his party’s conservatives, and abandoning them, fracturing his coalition.

Faced with a government shutdown one month before the election, and a public primed to blame the GOP for that outcome, Republicans will be under enormous pressure to back down.


  1. Timing is everything, eh Mr. President? I so admire the way you 'play', Sir, while acknowledging that I know this isn't a game to you. :-)

    Of course, this just re-emphasizes the FACT that GOP words are meaningless. They make promises they don't intend to keep. They say whatever they feel the moment calls for, so the words of almost every single one of them are meaningless! AND, almost 4 years into his presidency they still do not realize that they are dealing with a president who is focused enough, confident enough, and adult enough to say what he means and do what he says.

    I just do not understand how the GOP do not seem to have learnt anything from dealing with this president. In much the same way actually that the WH press corps does not seem to learn how to ask nuanced and intelligent questions even though they've had so many opportunities to practise. They play games too, adding nothing of purpose to the national dialogue. I'm sorry, but people so consistently and determinedly dense, as well as mean-spirited, irritate me.

  2. The gop is a calculated machine for the Corporate welfare of the Neo Conservative Corporatist war lords to rule and Conquer America. figure it out. everything is orchestrated altogether and they have their ways, everything is played out. figure it all out.

  3. Romney come lately with a poker face~ Reagan time passed him by along with trickle down economics to convince poor people to give more money to the rich will make them richer. another false hope based on bullshit from republicraps or republikkkorps... corporate war lords