Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breaking: NYT Finds One Zealous Romney Supporter

I couldn't help but find this story in the NYT fascinating.
For the past year, Mr. Wilson has devoted himself with the single-mindedness of a college-age groupie to following Mr. Romney around the country in decidedly conspicuous style: driving a pickup truck festooned with 27 giant Romney for President posters. (The largest are the size of a refrigerator.)
Its not just that Mr. Wilson looks so lonely out there by himself being the one and only "zealous" Romney supporter. Its what motivates him. Is it the candidates compelling vision, personality and/or leadership? No.
He liked what Mr. Romney had to say about free enterprise and federal regulation, and he could never muster much interest in Newt Gingrich (“his time has passed”) or Rick Santorum (“a little whiny”). But more than anything, he hated what he believed Mr. Obama stood for: big government run amok.
I think that pretty well sums up what this presidential race is about for Republicans. Meh...I sorta like what Romney says. But more than anything I hate Obama.

Even the last Faux News poll confirmed that the number one thing motivating Romney's supporters to vote for him is that  he's "not Obama."

Is that enough for the win? Lets let conservative guru Bill Kristol answer that one.
A conventional, cautious, backward-looking GOP effort against President Obama is as likely to produce a close reelection for the president as a close defeat...

What’s the alternative? A forward-looking campaign, more like Reagan’s in 1980 and Clinton’s in 1992. Reagan and Clinton didn’t simply depend on unhappiness with the incumbent. They elaborated a different, and they claimed better, path ahead for the country.
In other words, no - its not enough. But its all they've got.


  1. I don't know this gentleman but something tells me that nothing would scare the living daylights out of him more than looking at these two charts

  2. Excellent points!!!!

    Unfortunately, I suspect that these people would vote for Adolf Hitler rather than vote for Obama. What's sad is that many of my fellow Boomers -- those from the late 40s and early 50s -- don't recall the horrors of that era and haven't evolved.

    1. Actually, Kay, I have the distinct feeling that some of them did.

    2. If by evolving, you mean going from one extreme to another, you may be right.

  3. @Bill: Now that you mention it, these are prolly the same people I yelled at in class debates.

  4. "But more than anything, he hated what he believed Mr. Obama stood for:"

    That's bigot speak for "I hate the black guy and he's going to help the negroes take over."


  5. @Vic: Sadly, yes it is. I live in a racially mixed neighborhood -- and mostly it's okay with no problems but I've noticed over the years that the old stereotypes are there. I'm the 'old white lady.' on the corner but never to my face. LOL