Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear Karl and Arianna: Two can play this game

You just gotta love our new media! And here's a wonderful example of why.

Perhaps you've seen Karl Rove's latest ad (featuring none other than Arianna Huffington) that accuses President Obama of taking all the credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

After you've wiped off the slime that distributed on your computer screen, take a look at what Jed Lewison did with it and a little video-editing know-how.

Its true that Karl and Arianna have millions of dollars at their disposal for getting their kind of crap distributed. But our antidote to that is US. We can spread the truth far and wide for free!!!

That's the nuts and bolts of how we make this a reality.


  1. You're writing very hard this morning, SP. Good work on all of it.

    This applies both here and to your post about GOP Latino outreach. The GOP tack is both idiotic and despicable, but it is in fact the only tack they have any chance with. The GOP, over time believing its own BS, came to thing that they didn't have to worry about strategy because the country (of their imagination) basically agreed with them. So, there has been nothing but tactical efforts since, I'd argue, Reagan. How do we bump up the numbers in this group in this county for this election?

    The problem is that the GOP is at a point where they will be absolutely sunk if they don't get 90% turnout or better among virulent white misogynist racists. They cannot afford, in 2012, to lose those people, because there is no way they'll make up or better the number potentially lost with gains in other groups.

    Unfortunately for the GOP, there are real problems with the war on women and people of color. It doesn't play well. It is immediately offputting to women and people of color, and produces psychological discomfort in white men who don't want to examine their own racism and misogyny (so as to start becoming free of it).

    So, they take an unbelievably dumb tack. I can't see how reminding everyone that the President made the call to kill bin Laden is going to, once the news cycle finishes, benefit Romney. But what else will they do? Talk about job numbers? Make it a personality contest? Say explicitly what their dog-whistling insinuates? All are even stupider approaches than trying to portray the President as gloating over bin Laden's death.

    They are not in a good position.

    1. Thanks Bill.

      You remind me of a comment Blackman often makes here..."they got nothin."

      I don't know if you've seen it or not, but BooMan has a great article titled Why I am so optimistic, but also worried. We've already covered the optimistic part. Here's why he says he's worried:

      But, another way of looking at current events is that they are currently at their high-water mark for conservatism, and if they can just win this election they can really undo the New Deal, the Great Society, and overturn Roe v. Wade. They can use the High Court to give them advantages, like unlimited corporate spending in elections, that will allow them to remain as a viable national party.

      I'm optimistic, but the stakes are incredibly high in this election.

      Its "all they got," but they're going for one last swing at the pinata.

      That's why the stakes are so high - and perhaps also explains my "hard" writing. I'm feeling it!

  2. Arianna Huffington was always a ratfucker. Thank the God you believe in that her husband lost the Senate race back in 2000 - otherwise, instead of Dubya, you'd have had Arianna running the country from 2000-2008 - and believe me, Dubya is better.

    She's a racist, social-climbing media whore, and I hope the same fate befalls her that befell Rupert Murdoch.