Saturday, May 12, 2012

Images + Commentary

I usually don't like to comment on photos and images. Somehow I feel like words subtract from what they say to us. But there were a couple from this week that I think are deserving of notice and I want to say a few things about them.

This one put in stark contrast the fact that President Obama's announcement on Wednesday had been preceded by yet another blow to the GLBT community on Tuesday. It made me go all verklempt over both the struggle and the hope.

And even though this was one of my very favorite cartoons on this topic all week, I just can't help but say that I long for the day when we can envision GLBT equality as also being about women and people of color. It is the narrow default position that its all about gay white men that feeds many of the divisions and myths.

Jumping to a whole other topic, we've seen pictures like this before.

I can't help but notice the intensity of the eye contact and connection. I am constantly amazed when the village pundits refer to President Obama as cold and aloof. What I wondered when I saw this picture is if they have any idea of what real human-to-human connection looks like. Or if they've been so jaded by the DC cocktail party circuit that they mistake their own experiences for the real thing. If so, they might want to take a look at pictures like this to get an idea of what it really looks like.

Finally, I don't have any commentary on this image. I just love it! That's all.



  1. And the other baby in the red shirt is thinking, "Hey, PBO! What's he got that I don't? Come on over here!

  2. Perhaps a boy,perfect time to adopt barack