Friday, May 4, 2012

Lessons in dog whistles

Earlier today I suggested that we'd continue to hear dog whistles from the nativist right during this campaign. No sooner had I said that than I saw this:

Megyn Kelly: I've Been Drinking

In case you can't watch it - Megyn Kelly of Faux News invites Elizabeth Warren to come on her show and says the first thing she'd say to her is "How" (complete with racist hand in the air).

But that's not the dog whistle hook. When we complain that what she said was racist, the response will be that we're "pulling the race card," and that we "racialize everything."

That's what gets the nativists going.

Don't for a minute think that poor little ignorant Megyn just had a momentary slip of the tongue on this one. Or that "oops, I've been drinking again." They know EXACTLY what they're doing. 


  1. Republicans may say dumb, crazy, racist, ignorant things, but those pulling the string and writing the talking points are not stupid. They say those dumb, crazy, racist, ignorant things for a reason.

  2. These are some mean a** people. I won't say what I really think of Megyn Kelly.

  3. Smartypants,

    I love your new look. Nice!

  4. Mo'nin', Ms. Pants

    It's gonna go down swingin'

    But, it is GONNA go down.

    They know THAT, too.

    And, they're afraid.