Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live by a single poll, die by a single poll

For the last few days all the talk has been about the CBS/NYT poll showing Romney leading Obama 46/43. Democrats panicked and Republicans wouldn't shut up about it.

Now today, Faux News publishes their latest poll that has Obama up by 7.


Because you KNOW heads would explode on the left (Faux News...really?) and the right (Oh-No's Obama ahead?!)

Really folks, when is everyone going to wake up and realize that one poll based on a national sample this early in the race tells us practically NOTHING?


  1. Especially one(NYT)that underpolls people of color, and admits it. Most of these polls are doing so as if the same demographic that showed up in 2010 will be the same one in 2012.


  2. I don't know why anyone panics every time one of these polls come out. Every time President Obama has a good week and Romney finally gets some push back from the media a new poll comes out, it's always one poll and it's an outlier showing Romney ahead usually by the margin of error. These polls are BS ignore them and continue to work on GOTV.