Saturday, May 5, 2012

Your lyin' eyes

This afternoon Romney's campaign spokesman Ryan Williams tweeted this about President Obama's rally in Ohio today:
View from the floor during @BarackObama speech. Not the overflow crowd he promised
Attached was this picture.

That photo has now been posted at every wingnut site I can think of to check (no, I'm not providing any links).

Now lets look at a couple of photos that were actually taken during Obama's speech in Ohio today.

Notice anything different?

When a campaign has to try to fool their supporters with blatant lies like this, you have to wonder why. The answer is that they are just THAT desperate. And I don't think they've ever gotten over this.


  1. Perhaps this is the real reason that the Romney campaign has decided to follow the President around like a stalker. He and his cohorts plan on distorting and distracting from the message of the President during his OWN campaign rallies. He is attempting to project the message regarding the lack of enthusiasm that the Romney supporters have onto the obviously enthusiastic Obama campaign. The media will be only too happy to dimly comply and prop this horrible candidate (Mitt Romney) up for the next 6 months.

  2. Thank you for not providing the links.

    This is pathetic.

    From now until Nov., if you and Chips don't link it, I ain't reading it!

    Got better things to do, like getting our president re-elected!

  3. Why won't Mitt just follow the president like everyone else and use Google? It'll save campaign dollars.


  4. Why are we surprised? [We're not.] Newt "To The Moon! Beotches!" Gingrich plainly stated during the campaign that Romney is a LIAR.

    I take the "Man of Big Ideas" at his word.

    Romney is a LIAR and, according to Newt, will be a LYING president.

  5. If this were not so serious, it would be laughable! Mitt has lost his footing. He is used to the clown car method and has no idea how to deal with the blizzard that is the President Obama machine! We will watch Mitt's disintergration in slow-motion because PBO will show no pity! They have yet to realize they are dealing with a coiled cobra.
    PS I wonder if anyone else is experiencing weird mouse function. Mine either wont move or jumps slowly and erratically.

  6. Thanks for uploading all of them, including from Mitt's 'rally'. I was frantically trying to do the same yesterday but too sporadic. One of the Wingnuts called Michelle Obama a liar yesterday when she tweeted her happiness about the crowds--I'm still furious.

    1. Time to quit listening to wingnuts, they don't have the brains God gave a toad.

  7. "overflow crowd he promised"

    Once again the Prez makes a promise only wingnuts can hear.