Friday, June 8, 2012

How Obama got Hamsher to STFU for awhile

You may have noticed that the Netroots Nation conference is underway in Providence, RI as we speak. Some of you might remember that it was at this same conference one year ago where firebagger founder Jane Hamsher and her pal Dan Choi got all the media attention for their panel presentation titled "What do you do when the President just isn't that into you." My read on a lot of what happened around that event was that perhaps Hamsher was pulling the netroots chain.

Just to demonstrate that change does indeed happen, my oh my, what a difference a year makes.

First of all, I looked over the material for NN 2012 and don't see a Jane Hamsher on the official program. Perhaps I missed something and she'll find a way to make a splash again. We'll see.

But the truth is, we haven't been hearing much from or about Hamsher lately. I took a trip over to the home of the baggers of fire to check that out. Interestingly enough, what I found was that Jane chose the beginning of May to launch a new initiative. It was all about taking on members of Congress to pressure President Obama to issue an executive order banning the discrimination against GLBT with government contractors.

Seriously, the woman must have a hard time learning from experience. Here's what she said about the need for an executive order.
The simple truth is that no one should lose their jobs based on their sexual identity or orientation, and the President’s executive order is the fastest and easiest way to prevent this discrimination.
That's the same argument people like Jane were making about the need for an executive order to end DADT before President Obama was successful in ending it permanently through Congress.

But lets go back and review the timing of all this. Hamsher wrote about this initiative for the first time on May 3, 2012. Her last post about it was May 7, 2012 where she has lots of fun laughing at the possibility that this issue might be causing GLBT people to not donate $ to the Obama campaign.

Guess what happened on May 9, 2012.

Haven't heard from her since :-)

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  1. I saw her about 6 months ago at a Stephanie Miller Sexy Liberal Tour performance in San Francisco. I can't stand her.
    She was basically toned down in her rhetoric. I was pissed she was even on the stage for a few minutes.