Saturday, June 23, 2012

Picking a target

Just for fun, lets assume you are a right winger who salivates at the idea of bringing down the Obama administration. Now lets pretend like your party just won the midterm elections - which means you are now Chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee...YES!!! Since you've already decided that "this is the most corrupt government in our history," its just a matter of picking a target to go after and watch the house of cards fall. Here are your choices:

You really hated that stimulus package that President Obama passed within less than a month of coming into office. And there's that whole TARP thing going to the banks. So perhaps Sec. of Treasury Tim Geithner would be a good target. Nah.

But the stimulus included loan money going through Energy Secretary Chu - and there's that whole Solyndra thing to work with. So perhaps we can go that route and make a physicist look like a criminal. Nah.

The truth is - what we hated more than ANYTHING President Obama has done is health care reform. Our base is absolutely rabid about that one and would LOVE the red meat of Sec. Sebelius' hide. Nah.

Secretary Napolitano is the one who pointed the finger at home-grown domestic terrists instead of the great Muslim threat - so maybe we should go after her. Nah.

How about Sec. Clinton? She's the one that advocated for working with the U.N. on military intervention in Libya. Can't we find a way to make that one illegal? Nah.

What we need is someone folks will "buy" as a criminal without looking into the details too closely.

Hey, wait a minute. Its staring us right in the face. Let's go after the "dark one!" He's already busy making things difficult for us old white guys anyway...what with all his talk about civil rights and shit like that.

Bing...Bing...Bing. We have a winner.

Next up - Trade Representative Ron Kirk. We're on a roll now!!!!!!

P.S. It worked with Van Jones, didn't it?

(As President Obama once said in another context - "That was just a joke...sort of.")


  1. OK, so the GOP doesn't have a good target. It's a good thing they have Mitt Romney, eh?

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