Friday, June 8, 2012

Racism and the Social Safety Net

Just this morning I was making the case that it is racism that feeds our political polarization because the Southern Strategy was so effective at making us see black and brown faces when we think about our government's social safety net.

And what do you know, only hours later I ran across a video of Tim Wise saying exactly the same thing.


  1. Thankfully we have Romney to use his words to extend his list of government leeches to teachers, police, and firefighters.

    Our country would be a radically different place without white bigotry. Minimum wage would be adjusted to inflation. Healthcare would have passed long ago. Karl Rove would have employment outside of politics. Southern schools would be named Sherman instead of Lee. The possibilities are endless.


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    1. (Sorry; problem with that last post.)

      Romney has said several things that, in a more enlightened country, would make him absolutely unelectable. One of them is that he's "not concerned about the very poor" because, supposedly, they're all in the social safety net. Didn't seem to bother his supporters; I wonder how many of them automatically pictured brown faces, and felt releaved to think they didn't have to think about them anymore.

      (Never mind talking about how having a lot of people in the "safety net" indicates a big, big problem, and makes me foresee the standards for "the American dream" being lowered to simple survival.)