Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jay Smooth and Matt Taibi on Romney's "blackest week ever"

You'll want to watch until the end where Jay gives Romney some heartfelt advice ;-)

On a more serious note, I just have to say that its finally nice to agree with Matt Taibi about something.
Now, it would have been one thing if Romney had put some real thought into this, if he had taken a day or two or three and really pondered the question of why 90% of black voters vote Democratic. That’s a serious question, and it would have been something if Romney had really attempted to bridge what has turned into a disturbingly ugly gap between most nonwhite Americans and political conservatives.

Without accepting blame or admitting guilt, he could have talked about the increasingly strident tone of the national debate over racially charged issues, and wondered aloud if politicians on both sides perhaps needed to find a new way to talk about these things without fearmongering, stereotyping, or trading accusations. He could have met the racial-tension issue head on, in other words, just by saying out loud the simple truth that white and nonwhite Americans, and Democrats and Republicans both, need to find more civilized ways to talk about their political concerns. If he had owned the problem, that would have been a big step forward, for all of us.

Of course, that’s expecting a lot. But even if he had just come up with a fresh, earnest new way to articulate the conservative argument, something beyond the usual sloganeering, that would have been really interesting.

But he didn’t. He came out with the same half-assed, platitude-filled stump speech he usually doles out at campaign stops, literally the same exact speech, only he added quotes from Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Hooks, and Dr. King.

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  1. I don't think Taibi gets it 100% right. He incorrectly assumes that both political parties use POC for their own political benefit in the same way. This isn't even close to being correct. His unwillingness to place blame where it belongs weakens his argument, imo, because it ignores all of the race-baiting that republicans have done since PBO took office, and it angers me that Taibi is engaged in saving face for Romney by promoting a false equivalency where none exists.