Friday, July 6, 2012

A moment for beauty and joy

I don't often think of myself as particularly sentimental. And yet I can't seem to watch something like this without getting teary. I suppose that's because its such an affirmation of the beauty and joy human beings are capable of not only experiencing, but spreading.

It reminds me of this poem.
Loaves and Fishes

This is not
the age of information.

This is not
the age of information.

Forget the news,
and the radio,
and the blurred screen.

This is the time
of loaves
and fishes.

People are hungry
and one good word is bread
for a thousand.

-- David Whyte


  1. Fantastic Smartypants. I cried too. What a joy this was!

  2. My favorite flashmob

    I especially like part at 2:05 upper left the fat guy in the blue shirt. He's not part of the mob, he's just having fun. Same with the guy in the stripped shirt at 2:17.

    Just wonderful

  3. Beautiful...crying so can't say anymore...except thank you for sharing this here.