Monday, August 20, 2012

The "trust me" campaign

As we watched Romney role out his campaign, we saw someone who:
  • Had implemented health care mandates as governor have to denounce them as part of Obamacare
  • Had once been pro-choice suddenly become anti-choice
  • Had once supported an assault weapons ban come out against it
  • Had once requested welfare waivers to states now oppose them
  • Had once claimed to be progressive now assume the mantle of being "severely conservative"
It goes on and on.

Now that same candidate has chosen Paul Ryan (supposedly a "man of principles") as his running mate. And what have we witnessed?
  • Someone who had voted to increase the national deficit by $6.8 trillion now claiming to be a deficit hawk
  • Someone who was opposed to the Medicare savings in ObamaCare until he included them in his budget but now is opposed to them again
  • Someone who was against the stimulus bill until his constituents wanted some of the funding, so he wrote letters supporting the jobs that would be created, and then lied about it, and then had to admit that he'd done it
  • Someone who supported Bush's stimulus spending but now opposes the same thing when President Obama proposes it
And after all that flip-flopping, this is also the campaign that thinks we should just trust them when it comes to:
  • Romney's taxes
  • The specifics of how their proposals balance the budget
  • The specifics of what they want to do to Medicare
Trust is clearly NOT what a history like that inspires. Instead, they look like a couple of (really bad) con artists.

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  1. Quote the right wing god, Ronald Reagan....

    "Trust, but verify!"