Sunday, August 12, 2012

When its a choice between Obama vs Ryan budget...Obama's lead doubles

Last month Democracy Corps ran focus groups on what voters think about Paul Ryan's budget. Their findings...
President Obama’s lead against Romney more than doubles when the election is framed as a choice between the two candidates’ positions on the Ryan budget– particularly its impact on the most vulnerable. The President makes significant gains among key groups, including independents and voters in the Rising American Electorate (the unmarried women, youth, and minority voters who drove Obama to victory in 2008). This is an important new finding; highlighting the Ryan budget’s impact on the most vulnerable seriously weakens Romney.
Ron Brownstein takes it one step further.
Ryan’s ambitious budget blueprint, as passed twice by House Republicans over the past two years, crystallizes the GOP’s highest policy priority: shrinking the size of the federal government, largely by dramatically restructuring entitlement programs led by Medicare and Medicaid. But the GOP today is increasingly dependent on the votes of older and blue-collar whites who -- while eager to scale back government programs that transfer income to the poor -- are much more resistant to retrenching entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security that largely benefit the middle-class.
In other words, Republicans have already pissed off women, Latinos, African Americans, and GLBTs. With the embrace of Ryan, they're now set to piss off blue-collar voters and the elderly.

Nice job GOP!

I'm sure those 1%ers are going to stick with you.

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