Friday, September 7, 2012

DNC Music

I'm pretty sure that every word that could possibly be said about the speeches at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte has already been uttered - not that that will stop any of us :-)

But I'm ready for a break. So lets talk music.

Remember how all the rock stars have been saying that they DON'T want Romney/Ryan using their music at events? Well, take a look at this video of when President Obama came out on stage after Bill Clinton's speech and see if you can hear what music is playing behind the roar of the crowd.

Yep, its "Won't Back Down." And Tom Petty reacted a bit differently to these two Democratic powerhouses using his music.
"I got chills," said Petty. "They knew it would be okay."

Of course we know that Springsteen has always been happy to have President Obama use his music at events. But could there be a better song to sum up the message of the Democratic Convention than We Take Care of Our Own?
...last night at the Democratic National Convention, Obama picked the song to play as he stepped away from the microphone after his speech about social responsibility...

"Yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together," America's current boss declared, and whatever you think about the musical merits of "We Take Care of Our Own," when it comes to a political-rhetorical level, the Boss could hardly have said it better.

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  1. Yup, an awesome music choice - gave ME chills. And now the march toward November...