Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No commentary required 9/25/12

Here are some stories that caught my eye today.

Along with disabusing ourselves of the idea that Republicans are smart, we really need to get rid of the myth that they're frugal when it comes to managing money.

What you'll learn at that link is that the Romney campaign's payroll was about the same as the Obama campaign's last month - while they employed half the people. That doesn't even take into account the $200,000 bonuses the Romney campaign paid to 9 of his top staff.

And this is the guy who wants us to "trust him" to balance the national budget?

So you think President Obama has an enthusiasm problem among Latinos voters? Think again!

We've all heard it over and over again...white working class folks aren't going to vote for President Obama. Well, it turns out that the national polls on that are just a bit skewed by the results in a certain part of the country.

Gee...what do you think that's all about?


As regular readers here know, I've been keeping my eye on the Cheney vs Norquist battle brewing among Republicans over the defense cuts included in the debt ceiling deal vs maintaining the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Yesterday a "gang of six" (three R's and three D's) sent a letter to Senate leaders suggesting a "balanced approach" to deficit reduction (read: its time to talk about raising taxes to spare some defense cuts). Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina was one of the six.

And right on cue today, Norquist's Club for Growth suggested that Graham might be their number one target to defeat in the 2014 primaries. Sucks to be a Republican these days, don't you think?


Finally, for those of you who know what I do for my "day job," you'll understand why this exchange between Barbara Walters and President Obama got me all verklempt.

For a long time I've wondered what Obama would do once he's finished this POTUS gig. Now we know ;-)

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