Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watching the big show tonight

I'll be kicking back to watch the big show tonight.

Of course you know that the main event will be the speech by Bill Clinton and that the relationship he's had with President Obama has been a bit rocky in the past. If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you read the article about that by Ryan Lizza. You'll learn a lot about how Obama neutralizes the opposition by playing to their egos.

I'll leave you with some music. All throughout the day as I checked in here this song rang in my head when I looked at the title of my last post. If it gets planted in your brain the way it is in mine - that is sure to be a good thing :-)

Now... back to the show.


  1. Bill Clinton's over long speech may well have been his best speech ever.

    We have a new code word. Arithmetic!
    It means no matter how crazy you are or what voodoo you think you know, 2 + 2 is still always 4!

    Oh, and yeah, no the nation cannot afford to double down on trickle down!

  2. I have mixed feelings about Bill Clinton, but tonight at least I'm sure glad he's on our side.

  3. according to, essentially everything Bill said was TRUE!

  4. According to viewer tracking, 5 million more people watch Obama's speech than watched Romney's.