Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't mess with Grandma!!!!!!

We know that there are all kinds of people who are enthusiastic in their support for President Obama in this election. But recently Michelle Obama singled out one group that she knows a thing or two about.
It is no secret that a large segment of the African-American community put President Obama in office, with 95 percent of African Americans voting for him in 2008. And according to the NY Times, “Virtually every Black woman who voted did so for Mr. Obama,” making African-American women the largest voting bloc among all groups...

"So there is a seriousness about the direction of the country but let me tell you, older Black women love Barack Obama! Don’t mess with Barack Obama! There’s a lot of prayers going out and when you see the secret service, they’ve got to bolster up because they [Black women] are not going to let that go!”
I'd suggest that over the decades Black women have put an awful lot of their lives and energies into protecting their sons. Now they are not only proud of their adopted son - Barack Obama - they are fierce in their determination to both support and protect him.

Michelle is simply saying something that has been evident from the get-go. And we all know that you don't mess with Grandma ;-)


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