Thursday, October 18, 2012

How the right wing media brought Romney down

Regular readers here know that I check in with a couple of right wing web sites to see what they're up to. I've actually picked up some interesting stories that way. But lately I haven't found much because ALL they've been talking about is trying their hardest to spin a political story out of the attacks on the consulate in Benghazi. They're consumed with it.

I didn't pay much attention because I never thought that they would manufacture anything that would reach anyone other than their rabid base. In a way, I was wrong about that.

Apparently Mitt Romney has been reading their garbage about it. And on Tuesday night you could see him reveling in the idea of a "gotcha" moment against President Obama because he bought into it all rather than paying attention to the actual facts. And boy...did he pay a price for that!

In a much less noticed exchange, he did the same thing with the story the right wing media tried spinning for months on the Fast and Furious controversy. The fact that he even brought it up - in a question about whether or not he supports an assault weapons ban - only reinforces the point. Even the wingnuts pretty much dropped that story when the Justice Department's inspector general released a report acquitting the administration of involvement.

That's the price you pay for listening to these idiots, Mitt. But as President Obama said at the debate..."Please proceed, Governor."

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  1. You'd think that a "manager" would be able to check his own data. He was obviously waiting the chance to trot this out. Not verifying the data. Always a mistake.

    The look on Obama's face should have raised a big red flag. All of a sudden Obama is quite willing to not interrupt? After what had gone on before? That alone should've made Romney back off. He could have recovered.

    He does not respect the President as a person or as an elected official. He SO MUCH doesn't respect him, that it is leading him to consider Obama as a tool, as stupid, as clueless.

    First Rule of Politics: Lie if you have to, but NEVER believe your own lies.