Monday, October 8, 2012

Paying Homage

For me, this first term of President Obama has been filled with many memorable moments. But today I think of two that stand out as special - if only because I suspect they will go unnoticed by many, but speak volumes to some about where this man's heart truly resides.

Visiting the tomb of Bishop Oscar Romero

Visiting the grave of Cesar Chavez

Having the President of the United States pay homage to these men who dedicated their lives to healing wounds that were inflicted by this country means more to me than I can express.


  1. SP, you didn't mention this explicitly: he dedicated a monument to Cesar Chavez TODAY:

    That is to say, on f'in "Columbus Day."

    They don't mention this in that CNN article. The significance is huge. I had no idea about this until I read it today.

    Cesar Chavez wasn't Mexican. He was Indigenous. This is big.

    1. I totally missed that today was Columbus Day. WOW - what a way to mark the day!!!!!!

    2. Obama is not fool enough to make the connection explicitly, but lots of good people will.